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+125° c* ± 200 10 Ω. 5. Datasheet search engine for Electronic Components and Semiconductors. RK73B Datasheet, RK73B PDF. Constructed of a ceramic substrate and a protective coating with power ratings of. 1 mΩ 1206. 25 w ± 200 10 Ω.

working voltage and the Max. comSpecifications given herein may rk73b pdf be changed at any time without prior notice. 10 mΩ 0603. 75W W3A:1W 端子表面材質 Terminal Surface rk73b pdf Material T:Sn G:Au※2 (L:Sn/Pb※3) 二次加工 Taping TX:4mm width- 1mm pitch plastic embossed TA:1mm rk73b pdf pitch press paper. 1 mΩ 1206.

The RK73B general purpose thick film chip resistor is available in+2% and +5% tolerance in 01005 to 2512 package sizes. ** Please contact KOA Speer for the Max. RK73B3A Datasheet, RK73B3A PDF. • AEC-Q200 Qualified: 0201 (1H), rk73b 0402 (1E), 0603 (1J), 0805 (2A), 1206 (2B), 1210 (2E), (2H/W2H),. rk73b RK73B data sheet, alldatasheet, free, databook. W3A/W3A2 2H /W2H 2E 2B The maximum applicable voltage is equal to the. +155° c* ± 200 10 Ω.

125 w 150 v rk73b pdf 200 v ± 200 10 Ω. 5%,1% Tolerance Thick Film Chip Resistor; RK73H-RT Precision 0. 75W W3A:1W W3A2:2W 端子表面材質 Terminal Surface Material T:Sn ※2 G:Au (L:Sn/Pb※3) 二次加工 Taping TX:4mmwidth- 1mm pitch plastic embossed TBL・TC・TCM: 2mm.

TPL・TP: 2mm pitch RK73B : 3 digits D : ±0. RK73B・RK73H・RK73Z-RT Ambient temperature RK73B・RK73H・RK73Z-RT Terminal part temperature RK73B・RK73H-RT Terminal part temperature W3A2 Product Code RK73B RK73H Power Rating 1F:0. 1 mΩ 10 Ω. RK73B-RT General Purpose 2%, 5% Tolerance Thick Film Chip Resistor (Anti-Sulfur) rk73b pdf RK73H Precision rk73b pdf 0. KOA Speer Electronics, Inc. 5%,1% Tolerance Thick Film Chip Resistor (Anti-Sulfur) RK73-RT Flat Chip Resistors (Anti-Sulfuration) RK73Z Zero Ohm Jumper Thick Film Chip Resistor. Archived catalogs. rk73b pdf RK73B3A data sheet, alldatasheet, free, databook.

Images; RK73H Series. 5% punch paper RK73H: 4 digits F : ±1% G : ±2% TD: 4mm pitch J : ±5% punch paper TE: 4mm pitch plastic embossed BK:Bulk TPL・TP: 2mm pitch punch paper TD: 4mm pitch punch paper TE: 4mm pitch plastic embossed BK:Bulk 環境負荷物質含有についてEU-RoHS以外の物質に対するご要求. 03W ~ 1W, resistance range of 1Ω ~ 10MΩ, TCR of +200°C to +400°C the RK73B are utilized in general purpose applications.

063 w – 0402 ± 200 10 Ω. ,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors. RK73B 2B T TD 103 J 品 種 Product Code 定格電力 Power Rating 1F:0.

rk73b pdf Thick Film Chip Resistors RK73B. RK73B 1F-1J RK73B 2A-2E rk73b pdf RK73B W2H-W3A2 0. RK73B Datasheet, RK73B PDF, RK73B Data sheet, RK73B manual, RK73B pdf, RK73B, datenblatt, Electronics RK73B, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, data sheet. EU RoHS regulation is not intended for Pb-glass contained in electrode, resistor element and glass.

・ High stability and high reliability with the triple-layer structure of electrode. 75W rk73b pdf W3A:1W rk73b pdf W3A2:2W※3 Terminal Surface Material RT:Sn Taping TX:4mm width-1mm pitch. KOA Passive Components rk73b pdf Selection Guide. RK73 Datasheet, RK73 PDF, RK73 Data sheet, RK73 manual, RK73 pdf, RK73, datenblatt, Electronics RK73, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, rk73b pdf data sheet, datas. • 199 Bolivar Drive • Bradford, PA 16701 • USA •• Fax:• www. 10 mΩ 0805. rk73b pdf Newark offers fast quotes, same day shipping, fast delivery, wide inventory, datasheets. Buy Part Number: RK73B1JTTD222J.

rk73b 2e ± 400 — ±v 400 v. RK73B parts, chips. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for KOA Speer RK73B Series Thick Film Resistors - SMD. Buy Part Number: ERJ-3EKFV.

RK73B general purpose 2%, 5% tolerance thick film chip resistor features • Products with lead-free terminations meet EU RoHS requirements. 1 mΩ 10 Ω. 125 w 150 v 200 v - 55° rk73b pdf c. RK73B 2A-2E 2E 2E 2B 2A 2B 2APower Rating(%) RK73B W2H-W3A2 W3A2 W3A2 W3A W2H W3A Temperature Rise ℃ W2H Power Rating(%) Temperature Ri se( ℃) ②:Terminal ①:Hot spot 測定条件 室温: 25℃ 基板仕様: FR-4相当 t = 1. rk73b pdf RK73B W3A2 µ pdf IS Reference Standards IECJIS C 5201-8 EIAJ RC-2134C Ìâ Ñ70 F P ¨ H ¿ v mµ h ^ + rk73b w L h l-çÿ qb For resistors operated at an ambient temperature of 70ºC or above, a power rating shall be derated in accordance with the above derating curve. overload voltage. RK73B pdf Flat Chip Resistors Construction Coating color:Black Features ・ Small size and light weight.

Browse our Computer Products, Electronic Components, Electronic Kits & Projects, and more. 03W to 1W, rk73b pdf resistances up to 22MΩ, and maximum working voltages between 15V and 200V. RK73B datasheet, RK73B datasheets, RK73B pdf, RK73B circuit : ETC2 - THICK FILM? 01 2A rk73b pdf 1J 1E 1H 1F O n e-P u l s e L i m i i n g pdf E l e c t r i c e (ms) O n e-P u l s e L i m i t i n g E l e c t r i c P o w r (W) Pulse Duration (ms) 0. RK73B general purpose 2%, 5% tolerance thick film chip resistor KOA Speer Electronics, Inc. rk73b 3a ± 400 1 w. 14KOA Speer Electronics, Inc. These chip resistors feature a power rating range of.

RK73B 1F-1J RK73B 2A-2E RK73B W2H-W3A2 0. 1 w 50 v 100 v ± 200 10 Ω. Anti Sulfuration Chip Resistors RK73B-RT.

1W, 0402 ROHS COMPLIANT: YES. Description: Thick film resistors - smd 1. 75W W3A:1W 端子表面材質 rk73b Terminal Surface Material T:Sn G:Au※2 (L:Sn/Pb※3) 二次加工 Taping TX:4mm width-1mmpitchplastic embossed TA:1mm pitch press paper TBL. ・ Excellent rk73b pdf heat resistance and weather resistance are ensured by the use of metal rk73b pdf glaze thick film. RK73B Chip Resistors KOA Speer RK73B Chip Resistors are available in a wide range of sizes, from theF) up to 2512 (3WA).

Flat Chip Resistors Specifications given herein may be changed at any time without prior notice. 10 mΩ 10 Ω. Datasheet: RK73B1JTTD683J. Jameco sells Rk73b metal glaze and more with a lifetime guarantee and same day shipping. KOA Speer RK73B Series Thick Film Resistors - SMD are available at Mouser Electronics. RK73B Series Temperature Coefficient: ± 200ppm/K Voltage Rating: 75V Automotive Qualification Standard: AEC-Q200 Find similar products Choose and modify the attributes above to find similar products.

Ù q óy1fsgpsnbodf Ù ¨y3bujoht ;9 s c 0qfsbujoh5fnqfsbuvsf3bohf µ Æ ´ Æ¢ &39;£zµ Æ ´ Æ¢ )~ &~ +~ "~ rk73b pdf ~ &~8 )~8 "~8 " £ ¨? RK73-RTflat chip resistors (anti-sulfuration)15KOA Speer Electronics, Inc. 10 mΩ 10 Ω. Buy RK73B1ETTP103J rk73b pdf - Koa - RES, 10K, 5%, 0. 1/20W, 1/10W, 1/8W, 1/4W, 1/2W, 3/4W and.

Please confirm technical specifications before you rk73b pdf order and/or use. 5. 75 w — - 55° c. com 9 *See Appendix D for available decade values.

6 mΩ 10 Ω. 5. 6mm Cu箔厚: 35µm. RK73B, RK73H å § Rb ÚËÄÁÅ RK73Z Ç ËÄÁÅ Percent rated power for RK73Z 125 1H,1E,1J,2A,2B 1F 2E,W2H,W3A(1W¤ Ê k¡ Terminal part temperature ÄFÅ 1H,1E,1J,2A,2B,2E, W2H,W3A(1WÇ Ë 0 ÄÁÅ RK73B, RK73H Percent rated power for RK73B, RK73H å § Rb ÚË ÄÁÅ.

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